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The Benefits of Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower

Benefits of Eucalyptus:

The inhalation of eucalyptus has been associated with reduced inflammation, increased mood, and improved respiratory health.

How to Make a Eucalyptus Shower Bundle:

  1. Buy a bouquet or individual branches of eucalyptus.

  2. Go over the leaves with a rolling pin to release the aromas.

  3. Collect the branches into a bunch and tie a rubber band or twine around the stems.

  4. Drape it over your shower head or on a hook inside the shower enclosure.

How Long Eucalyptus Lasts in the Shower:

A bunch of fresh eucalyptus should stay fresh in your shower for two to three weeks—depending on the moisture in the room. Keep a close eye on it, though. "If you use fresh eucalyptus, you'll want to swap out for a fresh batch when you start to see mold, browning, or when it's lost its appealing aroma," says Dr. Rothenberg.

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