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5 Daily Habits for a Tidy Home

Most people don't have time for a deep clean every day. We want to maintain a tidy home between cleaning, whether someone cleans for us, or we do it on our own, there are ways to keep your home tidy in the meantime.

Below are just a few tasks you can carry out daily to maintain your home. Of course, there are many more things you can do, but we've picked just five for you today.

1. Storage

Every item has a home.

Having a place for everything is important in keeping things effortlessly tidy. Baskets are perfect for this or ottomans with storage, the additional perk is they can add to the decor of your home!

If you have a family or roommates, multiple people leaving items out can create a mess quickly. One way to make sure things go back to their proper place is having a basket for each person on the stairs, that way it's easy to do a quick pickup of another's items.

With kids, you can teach them to empty their basket in their rooms to put their personal items where they belong. The key is creating a system that takes just a couple of minutes every morning or evening.

2. Folding + Fluffing

Take a minute either at the beginning or end of each day, whichever works best for you to tidy blankets and pillows.

My husband and I usually pick the end of the day when our daughter is asleep and right before we relax for the rest of the evening. Blankets and pillows can contribute to the mayhem, but they're useful items that serve a purpose- I'm the kind of person that will use a blanket during the summer just because it's cozy.

We have at least one basket dedicated for blankets by the couch, taking a minute to fold those and fluffing up the pillows makes a world of a difference.

3. Making your bed

This is probably one of the most popular tasks to include in a tidying list, for good reason. Making your bed can make a HUGE difference for your bedroom. This is one tip that some fight back on, "but I'm just going to get back in it at the end of the day" is the usual excuse.

This is true.

It's also undeniable that making a bed quickly in the morning can create the vibe of a tidy home. It can take a bedroom from looking like a disaster to tidy quickly because of how central a bed is to the room.

Even if you just lazily make it by simply pulling up the cover over crumpled sheets, it can still improve it remarkably.

4. Sink Wiping

Something else that can make a world of a difference is wiping down your bathroom sink daily. Nothing extreme, but a quick wipe with a washcloth to remove any hair or toothpaste can do wonders for the entire bathroom.

This is one thing worth maintaining if people often stop by your home and potentially end up needing to use the bathroom. By doing something that just takes a minute a day can make such a difference in the appearance of a tidy home.

Have kids? This is a perfect, small and manageable chore item for one of them to take care of.

5. Contain Paper Messes

Mail and paperwork without a home and accumulated on countertops makes things look more cluttered than they are.

No one enjoys a paper mess, but it happens to all of us. Mail that is important but that we can't spend time on at the moment, paperwork from the office (or for many right now, working remotely only increases that kind of clutter)- this can make your home seem less tidy than it actually is.

Something that could make a big change is a mail wall storage unit to hold loose papers and mail that is important but that you don't have time to go through at the moment. This can make your entry go from cluttered to quaint quickly!

These are just a few things that can make an impact in your home.

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